2015. december 7., hétfő

Talk to you later/Még beszélünk/Ne mai auzim/On se parle plus tard/Wir sprechen später

Online. Offline. Mobil. Web. One minute. Two minutes. Four hours. Sent on january 8. Seen on january 10. Sent on january 22. Not seen. Little red number under the envelope logo. There’s no little red number under the envelope logo. Unread message. He wrote. She wrote. He didn’t write. He doesn’t speak. She doesn’t speak. He replied. Ignore. Mute. Delete conversation. Once you delete your copy of this conversation, it cannot be undone. Delete. Delete. Delete. Cancel. Three missed calls. Call time- 5:18. Your inbox is full, please delete some of your messages. Under the spreading chestnut tree I called you and you ignored me. Delete, you must delete. Clean sheet. Empty inbox. A calm soul. Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?...how simple would that be.